August 12, 2017

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Search Engine Optimization For Beginners And Seasoned Beverly Hills SEO Experts

If you are just beginning an online presence, you may have heard the term search engine optimization and wonder what exactly that means. If you’re an SEO veteran, then you already know what it means but you may be thinking that SEO is dead. For the beginners, this term simply means the act of optimizing a page and other online assets that help a website or web page rank highly on the search engine result pages of the various search engines.

How Does SEO Work?

There are a variety of creative and technical elements that can be utilized in specific ways that have an impact on how search engines rate your page and rank it when a searcher uses the search engine to find a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Words and phrases are used by the search engines to determine what the page is about as well as other media such as video and images. Links that come from other websites to your site or page are also used to determine the value of the content you have on your page.

Social media now plays as big a part as backlinks do in helping your rankings grow. Other factors include how long a visitor stays on a particular page and if they click through to visit other pages on your site or if they hit the back button to go back to the results page of the search engines. These are all used in formulating a page’s authority. There are also factors on a site where its owner has implemented various functionality to make their site more friendly for visitors and these can also count for overall rankings.

Why Is It Necessary For A Site To Utilize Beverly Hills SEO?

A website without traffic has no value. There are a number of ways to drive traffic to a page and among those, one of the most significant is SEO. Google is currently the biggest commercial search engine available and after it, there is Yahoo and Bing. There are a few others that are somewhat known and there are several very small search engines that only a select few know about. Usually, when someone is implementing SEO tactics it is so they can rank in the big 3.

One of the big reasons why any website owner will want to implement effective SEO tactics is because that search engine traffic is among the most targeted. When a visitor comes from searching in one of the major search engines for keyword or phrase and they find your site, they are very interested in the topic. If it’s a blog post then they’re likely to read most or all of it, and possibly even click through to other pages. If it is a product page then the visitor is highly likely to be interested and they will at least consider the product.

There are few things that can be done to drive more targeted traffic than with search engine results pages. It’s for this reason that SEO is an absolute necessity regardless of whatever else you’re doing to drive traffic.

Isn’t SEO Beverly Hills Still Important?

For the veterans that are reading this, you may have concluded some time ago that SEO vital to a businesses success. There are certainly many veteran marketers who are espousing the fact that may not be the number one marketing method. This is a complete misunderstanding of the facts. SEO is as alive today as it ever was.

Unquestionably, Search Engine Optimization has changed in recent years. Some of those changes include the fact that in the past, back links was a numbers game and now it’s a race for who can get the best quality backlinks. In the past, many people would put up multiple blogs and they would take content and use software to spin the content into unreadable gibberish and put backlinks on those pages and that was enough to get rankings.

Today, that not only will not get rankings but you can get severely punished for using such tactics. But using a combination of social media and high-quality backlinks along with on page factors will serve the same purpose as backlinks of old did when they worked. Some people will complain that keeping up with all the changes in the search engine algorithms is not worth the time and trouble. But the fact is that no matter what traffic methods that you’re using they will change over time. This means that you need to be willing and able to change with the times. If not a Beverly Hills SEO company can be sure to help.

Search Engine Optimization has been a part of marketing sites online since at least the year 2000 and in some rudimentary ways before then. It is likely to remain an important factor of online success for many many years to come. If you want to have a successful site online then either learn to do SEO yourself or hire a Beverly Hills SEO Expert to do it for you.