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Not only does SEO ensure your business succeeds, but SEO will continue to bring in traffic years after your campaign has finished. Other strategies rely on luck and paying big companies like Facebook and Google for them to be seen…

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the Importance Of Search Engine Optimization

Various social media platforms, especially Facebook, have emerged as a source of huge traffic for website owners all over the world. In fact, some research reports suggest that Facebook sends more referral traffic to some of the biggest websites as compared to Google. However, the tide has turned recently and Google has now clearly emerged as the number one source of referral traffic for major websites.

There are two ways to get traffic from Google. One of the ways is to invest in their pay per click program wherein businesses need to pay for every click. PPC is can get expensive and not everyone can afford it. The other way is to rank high on the search engine result pages. However, ranking high for competitive terms is easier said than done.

Consider the fact that there are over 300 million websites online and this number is increasing at a fast pace. In simple terms, the competition is ever increasing and Google has repeatedly shrunk the organic search results on the first page. In other words, website owners cannot afford to just sit back and expect search engines to send hordes of traffic their way. They need to make some effort to get high quality targeted traffic for keywords related to their business. A great choice would be to invest in search engine optimization.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?


It is the process of optimizing various parameters in order to rank a website higher in the search engine result pages for relevant keywords. It’s a dynamic process and it’s ever-changing due to the constant algorithmic updates by major search engines. San Diego SEO Experts

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization


Businesses have several options to get traffic but many San Diego SEO experts feel that businesses can ignore investing in search engine optimization at their own peril. Here is a list of some of the major reasons why you need to invest in search engine optimization today.

The SEO Marketplace Is Expanding


As mentioned in the beginning, the use of search is ever growing. Today, almost everyone has a smart phone in their pocket and this smart phone is regularly used by individuals to find various products and services. It is important to keep in mind that while many people are already online, a wide majority of the global population is still not connected to the Internet. Therefore, search engines will keep going and search engine optimization will also keep growing with it.

Economical and Effective


It is a well-known fact that search engine optimization is the best option when it comes to various digital marketing strategies in terms of return on investment. A high quality search engine optimization campaign can deliver high quality targeted traffic for a long time to come. High rankings and high quality content published on your website will keep bringing traffic for years to come.

It Boosts Other Marketing Efforts


High ranking in the search engine result pages can also boost the effectiveness of various other marketing efforts such as retargeting and PPC. For instance, combining search engine optimization and PPC can improve traffic by more than 50%. Also, you can combine retargeting and San Diego SEO to increase your brand awareness at a relatively low cost.

A search engine optimization strategy can also be used for fine tuning PPC campaigns as well as other digital marketing efforts. For instance, keywords for which your website is already ranking in the organic search can be added to the PPC campaigns in order to enhance the performance of your overall marketing efforts.

Off-Line Conversion Boost


Many research studies have confirmed that high rankings also leads to improved off-line conversions due to enhanced brand awareness as well as higher traffic for local businesses. Google has published a research study which states that businesses that do not sell anything online can get higher footfalls when their website is present on the first page of search results for local searches.

Your Competition


You need to realize that there is an opportunity cost of not investing in SEO. Keep in mind that if you are still waiting to invest in your first search engine optimization campaign, your competitors may already be pursuing their own winning SEO strategy. If your competitors are already investing in SEO, then they may be securing more quality links and therefore make your campaign a little tougher.

Also, you will miss out on new opportunities as your competitors will also be targeting new keywords. Do not forget that 25% of the searches on Google are completely new which means there are always opportunities to get more traffic through SEO.

Overall, search engine optimization should be a part of your overall digital marketing efforts. Compounding search engine optimization with PPC, social media marketing, email marketing and various other aspects of digital marketing will allow you to get higher returns on your overall marketing investment.

It’s better to start sooner than later to grab the emerging opportunities and to beat your competition. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be for you to get ahead in the game.

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